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The collection grew through acquisitions, gifts and spoils of war during the time of the Swedish Empire. Some of the collections were lost during the fire in the Tre Kronor castle. During the later part of the 18th century, art and antiquities were bought by ambassadors and members of the royal family and collected at Stockholm Palace. That same year the Royal Museum Kongl. Museum opened in the palace.

It was one of the first public museums in the world.

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The collections of the museum were exhibited on the ground floor of the recently built Nationalmuseum. When plans for the new Nordic Museum building were made in[7] it was suggested that the building should also include the History Museum's collections.

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He moved the issue forward to a more concrete and permanent solution. An architectural competition was held infor the proposed conversion of the block into suitable accommodation for the museum. Some of these were used to build the museum in — The plans for the museum were not finalized until The façade is austere and decorated with ås dating sweden made by Bror Marklund added in and reliefs by artist Robert Nilsson.

They were finished and inaugurated in The doors were financed by philanthropist Eva Bonnier 's foundation.

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Made of bronzethey were first cast at the Vantör dating sweden Bergman foundry and then chased by Marklund. The left door represents the Pagan era with Odin as a central figure, while the right door depicts Ansgar and the Christian era. A noted deviation from the historical theme, is the depiction of a standard, s pilsner bottle on the far right side of the right-hand door. A common item with the workers who cast the doors and built the museum.

The bottle was chased by Marklund and it is the only part of the bronze surface that has been polished to a vantör dating sweden by people touching vantör dating sweden. The permanent displays are arranged in chronological order in rooms facing the inner courtyard, with the pre-Christian collections on the ground floor and the collections from around onwards upstairs.

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The halls vantör dating sweden constantly updated with adaption to new technology and to accommodate new exhibitions. The entrance hall was refurbished in to give a modern impression of a Medieval knight's hall. The floor was laid with stone and the exposed beams in the ceiling were made of concrete.

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Designed by architect Leif Blomberg, it resembles a mystic cult place with a representation of Mímir's Well in the middle of the exhibition room. The floor and pillars in the room are made of limestone and diabaseand the décor is made from wrought iron.

Swedish History Museum

It is accessed through an underground passage from the entrance hall. The idea was to entice and educate visitors, something that was met with skepticism from scholars who regarded the museum mainly as a scientific institution.

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About 6, of the objects are on display. Ininformation aboutof the objects in the museum were accessible through an online database.

The database also contained information about 55, places in Sweden where archaeological finds had been made and approximatelybone finds total weight about dating i smedjebackenlb.

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The database is constantly expanded and updated. The vantör dating sweden number of preserved objects made from precious metals, is due to a law that was issued in the 17th century, stating that all such finds that were years or older and with no owner, were to be redeemed by the government and sent to the History museum.

The law is still in effect. It contains objects such as wooden sculptures, altarpieces and crucifixes. Elizabeth and the Viklau Madonnaone of the most well-preserved wooden sculptures from 12th-century Europe.

Trafikstörningar på Gotland

The objects are mostly textiles used in churches or by priests and bishops. The oldest and most noted object is a 13th-century tapestry from Skog Church, the Skog tapestry. It was found inwrapped around a bridal crown. These are often related to some topic that is currently under debate or otherwise current. Some of the special exhibitions were: Luxury products and unique portraits,exports from the Roman Empire to Scandinavia.

It highlights personal items connected with milestones and turning points in Swedish history during the last years.

The two-parts exhibition showcase other aspects of Viking life than that of stereotype barbarian raiders. As of [update]it has toured a number of venues in Europe and North America.