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Water level from cistern bottom in cm 14 Flushing performance: measured with standard cistern: 6 l in acc.

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We therefore recommend that these substances are not used. In case of doubt, please enquire with GTAG.

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Drinking water: The new internal fittings should be operated with drinking water only. The pressure in the pipe must be between gustavsberg single.

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The maximum temperature must not exceed 25 °C. Used water rainwater : If used water or rainwater is used, an upstream filter plant must be installed.

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Sea water: If cisterns are operated with sea water salt or brackish waterthe angle stop valve and connection nipple for the metal-reinforced hose must be made of dezincification-resistant brass.

Otherwise, stress corrosion cracking may result which will reduce the service life of these parts.

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A service life of 20 years or more can, however, gustavsberg single be guaranteed even if dezincificationresistant brass is used. If the sea water is treated with chlorine it is absolutely necessary to contact GTAG. Chlorified water: If the cisterns are operated using water with a higher content of chlorine e.

The angle stop valve and the nipple on the connection hose must be made of dezincification-resistant brass.

If internal fittings are intermediately stored, they must be kept in their original packaging. In addition, the temperature must not exceed 40 °C.

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