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Lindblad studied with J. He then moved back to Stockholm adolf fredrik single from he had a music school and taught piano and composition. Except for his two symphonies and the sångspel, Frondörerna, his music was mainly composed for the world of private salons in Adolf fredrik single and Germany, with great success.

Life Childhood and education Adolf Fredrik Lindblad was born on 1 February in Skänninge and died on 23 August on the farm, Lövingsborg, just outside of Linköping. At the age of one he received the name Lindblad from his relative and foster father, the master gardener and judge Carl Lindblad. Carl Lindblad and his second wife, Sophie Zetterling, were of crucial importance for Lindblad during his childhood. Adolf fredrik single received a thorough education with the goal that he would assume his foster father's business as a merchant.

In Hamburg Lindblad became friends with an instrument maker who, every evening, gathered well read and musical men, and it was here that Lindblad met people who led him into a literary and musical world. They read the New German literature — writers such as Schiller, Goethe, Tieck, Novalis and Jean Paul — and he heard Beethoven's music for the first time, which made an indelible impression on him. Back in Norrköping, Sweden, he worked in his foster father's shop while at the same time composing and playing as much as he could.

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In the summer of he travelled with his foster mother to her relatives, the Kernell family who lived on a farm named Bleckenstad in Östergötland. Atterbom was an associate professor in Uppsala and held a strong position as a writer.

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He realized Lindblad's talent and helped him to come to Uppsala to study. His teacher in Uppsala was director musices Johann Christian Friedrich Hæffner, but the teaching was very sporadic.

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It was at her home that he met author and composer, Erik Gustaf Geijer and the families that were included in this circle of friends. His friendships with members of the Uppsala circle lasted throughout his life. Adolf Fredrik Lindblad. Painting by C. The song collection became popular, largely due to the fact that Swedish music was published very sparingly, and Lindblad became known thereafter as a composer. Through her contacts with the royal court, Malla Silfverstolpe adolf fredrik single to obtain some financial help for Lindblad to take a study trip through Germany and down to Berlin.

Between and the spring of Lindblad stayed in Berlin, studying composition with Carl Friedrich Zelter, piano under Ludwig Berger and methods in piano playing with the then adolf fredrik single popular Johann Bernhard Logier. His method was comprised of parallel studies in harmony with group lessons in piano playing.

Composer index Adolf Fredrik Lindblad At the beginning of the nineteenth century there was little to boast about in Swedish music life. Even in the capital Stockholm it was of a very provincial character.

Together with the salon hostess Amalia von Hedvig as translator, Lindblad completed his own first publication inDer Nordensaal. It was dedicated to Felix Mendelssohn and consisted of Swedish popular folk songs in which Lindblad skilfully captured the texts in the piano accompaniments. Returning to Sweden he married Sophie Kernell in the spring of and through her family he gained a contact network that was of great importance. Their contact with adolf fredrik single and friends in the eastern Swedish region of Östergötland remained active over the years.

Lindblad and Sophie Kernell had three children, Lotten, who married the farmer and author, Urban von Feilitzen, Per Lindblad who held the ranks of major and captain in the Svea artillery regiment, and Malla whose married name was Grandinson.

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Through contacts in Berlin and Stockholm, Lindblad had students that came from social circles centred around the royal family from the beginning of his teaching career.

He retained the teaching job for the royal household untilbut continued afterward to receive an honorarium.

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His adolf fredrik single methods for keyboards combined both group and individual lessons. Although music life in public circles was undeveloped, the private music scene was very lively. Lindblad was involved in the Harmoniska sällskapet the Harmonic Society that had its heyday during the s, but whose activities decreased during the s.

The Harmoniska sällskapet drew in a choir of around members and an orchestra of circa 40 members, who were reinforced by musicians from the Hovkapellet the Adolf fredrik single Court Orchestra. They gave several concerts every year with both choral and orchestral works on the program. Lindblad took part in a great number of private salons, and after he participated primarily in salons he hosted himself.

The s were marked by intense activity at the music school, teaching at the court, spending time with friends and composing.

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The historical sångspel songs interspersed with spoken dialogue, like the German SingspielFrondörerna was composed at the request of Crown Prince Oscar.

The work had performances at the Kungliga Teatern the Royal Opera in the spring ofhowever, with its spoken dialogue, it met with a cool reception.

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After revisions the work was performed again in the spring ofnow with Jenny Lind in a leading role, and her participation meant that the work had a better reception. Lindblad made some new attempts to write opera. During the s Lindblad composed chamber music, including one of his two string quintets and one of his two violin sonatas. None of his ten extant string quartets two unfinished were dated, so it is uncertain which of them were composed during these years, but the first two string quartets can, for stylistic reasons, safely be placed within his first years in Stockholm.

In adolf fredrik single spring of Lindblad was employed as a teacher at the newly established Nya Elementarskolan the New Secondary School in Stockholm.

Even though he remained there only for a short time between andhe became acquainted with Carl Jonas Love Almqvist and during the s they socialized intensively. Lindblad was elected to Kungl.

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Musikaliska akademien the Royal Swedish Academy of Music inas member no. The years around end of the s were filled with lively events. Lindblad stood right in between his friends. There was never any open conflict but Lindblad showed his sympathy and friendship to Atterbom by setting some of his poems to music under the title Svenska Visor af Atterbom Componerade för Sång och Piano och Skalden tillägnade Swedish song by Atterbom composed for voice and piano and dedicated to the poet.

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Meanwhile Almqvist became more liberal, and his publication of the short story Det går an — in which he advocated for woman's legal rights, and his involvement in the liberal newspaper Aftonbladet, caused the friendship between Lindblad and Almqvist to cool.

From the end of the s, Lindblad reached a highpoint in his composing and teaching in Stockholm. His apartment was large, and he had several musical instruments with which he taught group lessons. He often hosted salons in the evenings, with invited guests, music and socializing.

His close friends now included the author Fredrika Bremer and those people she surrounded herself with. This was the beginning of a life long and complicated friendship between the Lindblad family and Jenny Lind.

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She was a student at the Kungliga Teatern and enthusiasm for her singing grew during the last years of the s. In the summer ofthe drama culminated and she moved out in the autumn.

Jenny Lind stayed for a few years in her youth with the Lindblad family. The years at the Lindblad's meant a great deal to her musical and cultural development. In two more song collections, of which the fifth came out in December and the sixth was published in DecemberLindblad touches on his relationship with Jenny Lind. Jo, jo!

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The sixth collection garnered a critical, if not to say devastatingly mean, reception by Swedish reviewers. His composing virtually ceased, his lease adolf fredrik single the Bondeska palatset was not renewed, and he then moved to an apartment on the street Drottninggatan. His wife was ill for long periods from the middle of the s to the beginning of the s, and he became less enthusiastic about teaching in the music school.

His social circle also changed between the years and Adolf fredrik single his close friend Geijer died, Atterbom died inMalla Silfverstolpe — who died in — had aged, and trips to Uppsala became few and far between. Fredrika Bremer died in No I alone am the only one adolf fredrik single them left, those who I lived together with and those from whom I have taken lasting impressions.

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The public musical life in Stockholm grew gradually and one of Lindblad's former pupils, Ludvig Norman, came to have a prominent position.

The choral work was performed by the Harmoniska sällskapet in Stockholm in In April the choral work Drömmarne was premiered privately with a text written by Thekla Knös, adolf fredrik single acquaintance from salons in Uppsala.

adolf fredrik single

A choir made up of friends associated with the royal court sang Drömmarne and the conductor was the court's singing teacher and Lindblad's friend, Isaac Berg. The first public performance was given in April at the De la Croix salon with Lindblad's daughter Lotten as the pianist. Drömmarne, sheet music with Lindblad's autograph.

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Jacopo Foroni, chief conductor at the Kungliga Teatern became an important friend during the s. It is not unlikely that Foroni urged Lindblad to orchestrate Drömmarne, which was performed in in Copenhagen, in its orchestral snöstorp göra på dejt. After much persuasion from Foroni, Lindblad composed his adolf fredrik single symphony in D major, which premiered in May The program had three sections; the concert began with Lindblad's symphony; songs were performed in the second section; and the third segment consisted of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

His own symphony was performed a few more times during Lindblad's lifetime, the last time at a memorial concert on 1 February Notably, symphonic music composed by Swedish composers was unusual; it was also rare that symphonic concerts were organized, which meant that audiences were not accustomed to listening to symphonic works. Today, both of his symphonies have been recorded and are performed regularly.