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    But of course, as we were soon to discover, Dalarna has a lot to offer for anyone who visits. Dalarna has a lot of forest.

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    What I remember the most was all the trees, all the green, and amongst it, all the old, wooden, red houses. Driving through Dalarna and of course, in a Volvo felt like driving through a painting, I could barely fathom this was a real place, and not just all part of a museum, in Single i dalarna of the houses look pretty old, but in a very picturesque, traditional way.

    Many Swedes consider it almost essential to make time for fika every day. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee or tea and a little something to eat like a piece of cake, cookie etc.

    Меня интересует не медицинская сторона, я спрашиваю как Короткая пурпурная вспышка, затем синяя медленно обежали голову - Да, я ощущаю потерю. Но я знала, что это должно случиться.

    Whilst traveling internationally, selling his art as he went, Anders met Emma Lamm, who later became his wife. With a small wooden house in Mora as their home base, the couple would continuously use their funds to expand their home.

    Sales were good for Anders and his art, and the only big sorrow the couple had was their lack of kids.

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    Filling the emptiness this caused them both, they filled their house with Chinaware, imported expensive items to Sweden from the US like a vacuum, water heater and fridge and dogs 22 in total. They also shared their love for kids by giving aid to Moras orphanage, inviting friends to stay over at their place and shared their wealth with their housekeeping staff.

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    Well worth a visit — something which more than His drawings is familiar for a lot of us, and to me personally, they remind me of the many books I read as a child, which was full of illustrations from him.

    As a special bonus, several of the rooms in Carl Larssongården is easily recognisable from his paintings.

    Carl was born into a poor family with an alcoholic father. After an unhappy childhood, and having lost his first wife single i dalarna their two children, Carl fled Sweden, and tried to make a living from his art in France. Without much success, at least one bit of happiness reached Carl, as single i dalarna met his future wife, Karin.

    Career[ edit ] He started out as a solo pianist in then 6 years old playing at different events and later he started to take piano lessons. Later he became a part of Super Synth Farmacia, a group which made songs on computers and toy keyboards, later in they disbanded. He was also a member in a music collective called Single i dalarna All-Stars. In Borlange All-Stars disbanded because they couldn't find anything more to express through their music. In he released his new solo album, Reality After Midnight, after working with it for almost one year; it was later released on iTunes.